Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wedge Strategy: Switching from Coal to Small Scale Heat

Wedge information I could find in relation to heat is as follows: 1 wedge could be achieved by using the best technology available in all new and existing buildings. (US "Energy Star program" have achieved 1/40th of a wedge in 2003. If there was an increase of 25% efficiency in all new and existing residential and commercial buildings, it would achieve a wedge worth of emissions reduction.

Some methods used include polygeneration which uses simultaneously generate electricity and heat, increasing efficiency. Other much smaller methods of trying to limit carbon emissions as applied to developing worlds include substituting coal for sugar cane or corn. Using this technology and applying it to the US, if all the land in the US was converted to farming corn that amount of corn could only provide 185 households with heat for one year. In examining the possibility, the magnitude of converting all new and existing buildings to new technologies, especially in the developing world is not feasible.

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