Monday, September 24, 2007

Wedge Strategy: Reduced Deforestation or Reforestation

In order to make one wedge by 2054, relative to 14 GTC/year…

We would have to decrease the tropical deforestation to zero instead of a half GTC/year, and establish 300 MHA of new tree plantations, which is twice the current rate.

One wedge could be available via the reduction of deforestation and management.

At least half a wedge could be created if clear-cutting of primary tropical forests was reduced to zero over 50 years.

A second half could be created by reforesting 250 million hectares in the tropics or 400 million hectares in temperate zones. In perspective, what is left now are 1500 million hectares of tropical forests and 700 million of temperate forests. 250 hectares is about the size of the Mediterranean Sea.

A third half wedge could be created by establishing around 300 million hectares of plantations on non-forested land.

After looking at these statistics, it seems like this technology is definitely feasible, especially if it were conducted in conjunction with other technologies. However, I do feel that reducing clear-cutting to zero over 50 years is highly unlikely. Wood is definitely a necessity in our culture; its even a basic need for construction a house or heating. In my opinion, reforesting 250 million hectares is feasible, however what worries me is that regenerating a tropical forest would be more difficult then a temperate forest, due to its complex and rich ecosystem.

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