Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wedge Strategy: Nuclear

1. Nuclear power plants are unique and rather iconic looking with a grouping of usually two or more large cooling towers to disperse the heat from the coolant around the nuclear reactor.
2.We would need to multiply the amount of nuclear energy produced by three. We would have to increase our number of plants from 440 to 1320.
3. Nuclear power, though the energy is one of the cleanest burning and most efficient, is very expensive. On the scale needed to effect one wedge, the building of new plants is simply not feasable. More nuclear power plants are definitely better than coal, so perhaps if this technology was used with others, some sort of change might be possible. The bad part of plants is also the waste produced, which I believe that personally, in this instance, the good would outweigh the bad if we actually had the money to increase our nuclear power.
4. If you guys want any of the images from my poster, let me know and I'll be sure to post them tonight.

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