Monday, October 8, 2007

Studio-Wide Approaches Brainstorming Session

On October 9 the Studio worked with guests (experts, designers, etc) to explore a number of approaches to take:

1. Adoption of the Wedge Strategy and Stabilization of carbon emissions to 2005 levels.
2. Another approach to controlling carbon.
3. Adaptation to Sea Level Rise and Climate Change (Settlement and Agriculture)
4. Global Health Issues (which may be exacerbated by climate change)
5. Peak Oil as a more immediate concern (and a possible solution)
6. The Wild Card

Thanks to Kurt Teichert, Brown University, Peter Gil Case, Truthbox Inc, Heather McGowan, RISD, Laurencia Strauss, Artist & Designer, Wil Yoder, the RISD Solar Decathalon, and Students from Brown, Matt Grigsby, Design Awareness.

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