Sunday, October 21, 2007

The White House: Security/Secret Rooms

I know I was doing...nuclear things too but I couldn't find a whole lot besides some facts about a secret room in the east wing. If you need more specific nuclear security facts let me know and I'll dig around.
-Amelia, live from Las Vegas, NV

Security at the White House

General Information:
-Pennsylvania Avenue is closed to all public traffic, which is a hotly debated subject among civic planners
-The White House is now currently closed to the general public on a limited basis. Tours must be booked ahead of time and arranged background checks are now necessary.

Secret Service:
-The White House is guarded by the Secret Service
-Organization began in 1860
-They sometimes wear attire (tuxedos, blue jeans, etc.) to blend into their surroundings
-They control every aspect of presidential security on and off the White House grounds
-The Secret Service are responsible for protecting the following:
-The White House
-The Main Treasury Building
-The President and immediate family members
-The temporary residence of the VP
-The VP and immediate family members
-Diplomatic missions in the DC area and throughout the USA

“The White House Plumbers”:
-A covert investigative unit established during the Nixon administration
-The purpose was to cease the leaking of classified information to the media
-They were involved in investigating the Watergate break-in and scandal

Secret Rooms:
-President’s Emergency Operation Center
-Purpose was to handle nuclear situations
-Withstands 20 psi of nuclear detonation blast
-Located below the East Wing
-White House Situation Room
-Located in the basement of the West Wing
-Utilized for most other situations
-The Map Room
-Established in WWII by Roosevelt
-Safe haven for secure plans to be looked at by Roosevelt and Churchill
-Replaced by the Situation room

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